Neon2U is the top customised neon light manufacturer in Malaysia

Neon2U offers you the expertise and experience to ensure that you light up your space, whether residential or business.

Our experts have over 10 years of experience to provide you with the satisfaction of unsurpassed quality and service for your neon light needs.

Brands That Trust Us

Neon2U is a one-stop shop for all your neon LED signage requirements for any occasion.

Known for providing neon LED signages that are superior in quality and design, Neon2U is well established as a company with a fine reputation and capability that brings your ideas to life. From outdoor and indoor neon LED lightboxes, signboards and customised signages, we have got your signage needs covered.
Neon2U offers you the expertise and experience to ensure that you light up your space, whether residential or business. We continue to offer an unsurpassed quality and service for the satisfaction of our customers.

Customised Design

Each of our unique LED neon signages are designed in-house by our own professional designers.

Easy Installation

We provide high-quality backboards that feature pre-drilled holes for convenience and ease of wall mounting or hanging.

Direct from Factory

We manufacture all our LED neon signages from our own factories with factory price guaranteed for cost efficiency.

Warranty Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with 1 year warranty of indoor signages and 6 months for outdoor signages.

Wall Neon Sign

Make your walls talk with a bright, animated neon sign. Having a LED neon signage on your wall brings a “wow” factor to your space, and is an excellent way to bring attention to a particularly aesthetic area in your room. Fun and quirky, wall neon signs really give your space an unexpected element of inspiration to better illuminate your personality.

Outdoor Neon Sign

Attract more attention to your business with outdoor neon signage. Brand your business with one of the most refreshingly unique methods in the exterior of your building or store, and even create customised outdoor LED neon signages to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a classic or vintage touch to your exterior, outdoor neon signs are the way to go.

Business Neon Sign

The retro chic of neon signs have increasingly been a popular choice for businesses, including retail, storefronts, restaurants and more. LED neon signs are used to communicate information with style and urgency, as well as attracting the attention of potential customers. LED neon signs are a perfect example of form meeting function.

Thousand Layer LED Neon Signs / Infinity LED Neon Signs

Transform your pub, bistro, cafe, restaurant or Event with our Thousand-Layer LED Neon Signs. Mesmerizing depth, vibrant illumination—make a statement with customizable designs. Elevate your space, captivate your patrons.

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